Andre’ & Ruween’s Rustic Wedding

Andre & Ruween set out to create a timeless rustic themed wedding filled with soft colours, gold metallics, decorated jars, books, laser cut wooden invites and loads more deliciously steal worthy rustic ideas! When we shot their Old car Museum E-Shoot (which you can see here) Ruween told me about her ideas and I was just so excited for their day!

The venue that they held their wedding at was unbelievably perfect for their theme! Rusticana {which means peaceful Canaan} is a tranquil venue with AMPLE photo opportunities! (oh Yeah!) They are able to cater for big or small weddings and offer some of the best inhouse catering too! We had a gorgeous day for Andre and Ruween’s wedding and the day ran so beautifully.

I knew Ruween would be a fun bride after meeting her. She had her bridesmaids dress up in fun T-Shirts and do a little pre-shoot before getting ready. She also had them dress in adorable cowboy boots and gold tulle skirts….they looked so cute!

Andre and the gents were stylishly dressed in  a navy blue suit with funky pink and navy socks and had no problem showing them off!

I had such a fabulous day celebrating with Andre and Ruween !

Here are some photos of their rustic chic wedding  🙂


Xx Angel


Wedding Vendors:-

Dress & Veil – Bella Brides

Venue – Rusticana

Suits – Mr Suit Hire

Stationery – Little Woodpecker

Make Up/Hair – Blush Make Up


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