Britta & Mickael’s Wedding

When it comes to fun weddings – this one takes the {wedding} cake! I laughed, cried and boogied the whole way through this wedding with my amazing couple Britta & Mickael.

It started off on a quiet and relaxed morning at the gorgeous Blue Bay Lodge and Resort in Saldanha. Waves crashing and sunshine beaming – it was the perfect day for a wedding!  As the hours progressed, the excitement around me started buzzing. Family and life long friends had traveled from all around the world to be here for this big day (Britta is from Germany and Mickael from Israel) and they were ready to celebrate – BIG! Towards the ceremony the wind picked up and soon reached gale force proportions, I was worried that this would put a damper on things but KNOT a chance did it ruin my gorgeous couple’s ceremony! (see what I did there? 😉 ).

Despite some strong winds and a little chilly weather, we manged to love this wedding and have the best time. One giant thank you to Britta, Mickael and their incredible family friends for letting us be a part of this wedding day.