Lee & Mike {E-Session}

For Lee & Mike’s E-Shoot. I had a BIG plan. For a very long time I had been wanting to do an engagement shoot around Cape Town in multiple locations that I found beautiful or appealing as a canvas. I knew that I would need an AWESOME couple to be able to pull this off and after meeting Lee and Mike a few months earlier – I just knew that this was the couple! The shoot was based on adventure, multiple settings and feels and a little bit of romance. I wanted to show through the pictures that Cape Town has so much to offer in terms of settings.

We started our shoot in the CBD. The CBD offers an intricate architectural backdrop and some harsher shadows – this sets for a romantic feel that is slightly more sophisticated and somewhat formal. Cape Town CBD has a very unique look to it and people often say it reminds them of Europe to a certain extent (and no,it has nothing to do with all the European tourists we have wondering about in the city 😉 ). I fell inlove with this city and it’s definitely on of my favourite locations to shoot.

After the city we moved on to Hout Bay Harbour.

WOW. It is just a full on feast for the eyes there. There are textures, colours, mountain backdrops, interesting light, amazing people, the beach…I could seriously go on. It is definitely a busier setting so making sure that Lee and Mike were still the main focus was – well, my main focus. It was so much fun shooting there with so much to play with. When we were down there it was absolutely sourcing hot (a bit of a difference from the CBD). So we shot quickly and kept as much to the shade as we could.

On our way back along the coastline heading towards Seapoint, we had hoped to stop to get some shots around the look out points. Here’s how it went:-

Lee opens car door

Lee nearly gets blown out of car

Lee closes the car door

We decide it’s definitely a bad idea and continue to laugh about it on our way back. (One of those you had to be there kind of moments I guess.)

We got to Seapoint and headed straight to the Italian Ice Cream Truck for some scoops! We snapped a few pictures while eating the ice creams and then took a stroll on the beach to find some pretty light waiting for us. We got really lucky with the lighting there as the sun began to set. Sea Point (when not busy) is a great spot for sunset shots on the beach. The promenade also adds a different element to it all which I like.

That was meant to be the end of our expedition which took us approx. 2hrs. …But we weren’t done just yet. Jan (Lee’s mum) invited us over to their yacht for a sundowner. We arrived to find the family hanging out on the yacht which was so great because it was then that we got to meet everyone and get aquinted before Lee and Mike’s wedding day. They popped some champagne and I snapped some shots in the last light of the day and then continued to kick back and chat wedding ideas and plans with my super cool couple and their wonderful family.


Lee and Mike have since tied the knot!!!


Their wedding will be published on my blog soon.

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