My favourite 2015 Moments

For all of you know me personally – you know this year has been a BIGGIE for me. For those who don’t know me personally, I’ll fill you in on the details.

At the end of last year, I went back to working a day job and doing my photography part time. In those 5 busy months in 2014 when I did photography full time, I managed to book myself up every weekend and throughout the weekdays too. By the end of the year I had done 115 photoshoots for the year!!!

This year was a little more challenging in terms of time management and getting through the workload of technically working two jobs. Most nights consisted (well still do!) of working until midnight. Instead of getting me down, I tried to use this to motivate myself to work harder and smarter. Looking back at the year now – I am proud of the hard hours I have put in and would not change a thing.

I also tied the knot this year!!! I married my very best friend (You might know him as my patient husband who tags along to some shoots and weddings!) We had a beautiful laid back wedding in Durban on April 26th. I must say that after being a bride myself I have learnt SO much about weddings expectations, dilemma’s and what the really sentimental moments are. I feel like I “get it” now.

Another big life chapter this year was buying a house. It has been so time consuming and so difficult, we have tried for almost a year already. I can finally let the good news out and say that we have finally found our first home!

From the photography side, it has been another crazy busy year. I’ve been all over and shot so many amazing things. I have seen the most stunning places and am proud to report back that Local really is Lekker !!  We live in such a beautiful place and another year in Cape Town has just made me love it here so much more.

This year, after being in the photography game for 3 years, I got my very first professional camera! At the same time my hubby also helped me to get a big, true colour screen for editing (all the better to see you with). This has been a MASSIVE game changer and my work quality has improved by miles. I never realized just how badly I needed to get onto that next level until it happened. And now…It’s onwards and upwards!

I have been a part of many sentimental and special occasions this year, including some of the best weddings ever. I have witnessed and heard the heart-warming stories of my clients and kept them all so close to my heart. It is an absolute privilege to be a part of my clients lives and to share their stories with the world. It gives so much more meaning to what I do and drives my passion for memory capturing just that much further!

I have laughed, I have cried, I have sympathized and I have shared such special memories this year. I’ve possibly had the best year of my life. I know for a fact that I would not be feeling this way or be saying this without my clients who have loved and supported me through 2015.

Thank you doesn’t even cover how grateful I am to all of you…but I will say it anyways…THANK YOU!


I have put together some of my favourite moments and photos of 2015 for you all to see. I can’t wait to make 2016 even better!

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And ofcorse I have to end off by including a little look at behind the scenes for  this year…

At Work Collage At Work Collage 3

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