Ruween & Andre {E-Session}

Ruween and Andre found me through less than perfect circumstances and just a few weeks ahead of their big day. We had to formalize a plan to quickly get cracking at our e-shoot. We did just that and decided to go to a old car museum / scrap yard with a whole lotta potential for some gorgeous sun soaked photos!


We had so much fun shooting here, I just love the contrast of colours, textures and seeping sunlight.


Here’s a little look at their shoot…


Ruween Collage 2 IMG_2710JPG19 Ruween Collage 6 Ruween Collage 4 Ruween Collage 3 IMG_2876 WEB Ruween Collage 8 Ruween Collage 7Ruween Collage 5 RESIZED IMG_2887JPG61 IMG_2895JPG64 IMG_2866JPG55 Ruween Collage 9 IMG_2905JPG67 IMG_2902JPG65 IMG_2942 WEB IMG_2938JPG74 IMG_2950JPG77 IMG_2952JPG78 IMG_2983 WEB IMG_2973JPG79



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