The best of 2016

Despite the general opinion of 2016 being the worst year ever EVER, I seemed to have cruised by unscathed. Infact – my year flew by in what feels like a movie in fast forward. One thing is for sure – this has been my busiest year both business wise and in my personal life. With 20 weddings photographed this year as well as multiple family, couple and engagement shoots, it is was with no doubt, a year of hard work and growth for me.


Along the way of 2016 I have met the most incredible people. The kind of people who make me love every second spent documenting ! This year was packed with giggles, first kisses, groovy dance moves, happy tears, cuddles and special connections. This has been the highlight of my career so far and I have so many people that I am grateful to.


Moving on to 2017 I look forward to growing more, plenty more personal projects, more delicious coffee, more ice cream and ofcorse meeting a whole lot of new faces!

Here’s to a new chapter ! 🙂


(P.s – I have put together a few of my highlights for 2016 – have a look below)


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